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What people are saying.

This was an amazing experience...

Someone recommended Reuben to us, because my friend said how easy and meaningful he made the experience. She was right. The lessons in my home made for easy learning. My child felt comfortable in her own surroundings. His teaching style motivated my daughter to want to learn. I never needed to remind to study her material, because she was so engaged. He became part of our life, and we missed him coming to see us when she had the Bat Mitzvah. We can't wait for my younger children begin working with him.

He adapted to my son's learning abilities...

I never thought that my son would be able to have such a meaningful event. He is a challenged learner, but Reuben supported him and us, and his efforts helped to make our son's Bar Mitzvah so wonderful. Most of all, my son is proud of what he accomplished. He had a Bar Mitzvah just like everyone else.

He adapted to my son's learning abilities...

When my son was in 6th grade, he expressed an interest in having a Bar Mitzvah. I began exploring various options for him to do this. I talked with several Rabbis and our family met two who could work with Zachery towards him becoming a Bar Mitzvah. At this time, he did not show much enthusiasm for the process. And then we met Reuben--and that changed everything!

At our very first meeting, Reuben connected with Zachery in ways the Rabbis had not. He was able to engage Zachery in discussion, using Zachery's love of sports as a way to connect with him. His willingness to work with our family and make my husband and his family feel included was a major reason we choose to work with him. But the biggest factor, by far, was his ability to connect with Zachery. During their weekly tutoring sessions, Reuben would pose questions and engage Zachery in dialog, so that he was gaining an understanding of what becoming a Bar Mitzvah meant. The tutoring sessions were so much more than just learning the Hebrew for the Torah portions of the service. They were a time when Zachery could learn about the importance of this passage, and a way to make it meaningful for him.

The actual Bar Mitzvah service was a very special day for our entire family and our extended families as well. Reuben's ability to make both our families feel a part of the service was truly unique. I have attended many Bar/Bat Mitzvah services in my life, and I believe my son's Bar Mitzvah was one of the very few in which the teenagers in attendance were drawn into the service--this being a true testament to Reuben's ability to explain what was happening during the service, why it was happening, and engaging them throughout the entire service. The day’s celebration was one we will treasure, and we have Reuben to thank for this. My 9 year old daughter is already eager to begin working with Reuben for her Bat Mitzvah!